A special piano recital with Mathias Weber (Hamburg)
The symbolic character of water is as complex as the colours of the sea. It is the origin of our very existence, a symbol of purity and purification, its power contributes to the creation of landscapes, weather and climate. It can give and destroy life. The surface of the earth as well as human beings consist mainly of water.
What is more, water is the material from ancient mythology and of fascination. It is seen as the element that promotes self-confidence and reason. It is also regarded as the mirror of the soul and the source of fanciful spirits, heroes and art.
Water is endless and timeless, a mysterious element that will come alive in this piano recital. Let us look forward to three different artistic forms of expression:

  • the accurate depiction in onomatopoetic sounds in the following pieces: Au bord d´une source und Reflets dans l´eau
  • the mystic and mysteriously spiritualized reproduction in Les jeu d´eau à la Villa d´Este und Ondine
  • the magnificent, almost symphonic-sounding pieces by Schubert and Chopin

In a masterly fashion, Mathias Weber, the renowned pianist from Hamburg, presents French and German composers from the 19th and 20th century.

Additional information:
This extraordinary evening will last for about an hour and a half (45minutes – intermission – 45 minutes)